From 2002 through 2006 I drew and made prints. In 2007 I began a serious and regular painting practice which has remained a relatively private one, allowing me freely experiment and explore with out feeling pressure.

As I've matured as a painter, I've grown to see painting as an investigation in to visual and personal relationships: between Self and Other, Painter and Viewer, between the Painting and Process....I'm often reminded of friends and family while working and have found the results can be personally instructive. Identity is a theme that frequently finds its way in to the more figurative pictures...especially the Mermen series.

In the abstract style I strive to achieve a personal language by contemplating relationships between shape, line, color and space. Sometimes the result appears meditative and sometimes more of a rumination. 

Editing can take years. History and artifact emerge as important features while I dig deeper to unearth fresh dirt by sanding and scraping away layers.


Lives/Works in Oakland, CA

BA University of California at Santa Cruz, 1989
MA San Francisco State University, 1998

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Curating Contemporary, Group Show
2016 Karmic, Life On Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Group Show
2010 Chroma Art Design San Francisco, CA Group Show
2006 Limn Gallery San Francisco, CA Group Show
2006 CPF Gallery, San Francisco, CA Group Show
2005 Red Ink Studios San Francisco, CA Group Show
2004 Embarcadero Art Exhibition Program San Francisco, CA
2004 Red Ink Studios San Francisco, CA Group Show
2003 Red Ink Studios San Jose, CA Group Show
2002 Big Pagoda San Francisco, CA Group Show

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San Francisco Chronicle 10.03.10 "Don't Miss" Kenneth Baker
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San Francisco Chronicle 08.12.06 Kenneth Baker

12’x20’ Mural The Big Pagoda Company San Francisco, CA
5’x18’ Mural Ari Hoffman Private Residence San Francisco, CA
St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco, CA